Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Hero, My Birth - Mother

The gorgeous lady in this picture is my birth - mother, her name is Caprice. Caprice is my hero! She is selfless caring, funny, out going, and just makes your day brighter!

One of the main reasons she is my hero is because she gave me three very precious gifts. First, the gift of life, the best gift of all! Second, she chose my amazing parents. She wanted me to have the best forever family ever, and that's what I am lucky enough to have. Third, she gave me the love for dance!

Last week, I had the amazing honor to meet my hero. My family and I spent five wonderful, incredible days with Caprice and her family! Every moment was just a fairytale moment! That is how perfect everything was!

I just wanted to publicly thank Caprice for everything she's done for me! I love her so much!

Caprice, thank you for being my amazing, incredible birth - mother!