Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Dad, My Hero

My dad is a hero. You don’t find him listed on the internet but, what he has done through out his life is amazing. My dad built an entire new house. He never complained that the work was hard. He did it for his family. He’d drop his hammer down to come and help me or my brother at any time, if we had homework. He is like a ray from the sun; bright and full of life!

He has blue eyes and dark brown hair. People tell us all the time that we look a lot alike. We have the same blue eyes.

He has the best personality. He’s firm about what he believes in and you can’t change his mind very easily. He is funny and teases us all the time! He even makes up different nicknames for us. He walks around the house and whistles and sings. He also fiddles around on the piano and make up his own songs. He never learned how to play when he was growing up but, he’s always wanted to learn. I want to teach him someday!

My dad loves math and is my math tutor at home. Whenever I don’t understand something he is able to explain it to me and I’m able to understand it better. He is the perfect tutor, caring and patient. He taught me how to drive. And that couldn’t have been easy.

He always knows how to make me feel better. I can’t ever get mad at him because he always makes me smile and laugh.

The two things he can’t resist are cookies and chocolate. He loves them! Between my mom, dad, and brother we can’t keep enough chocolate milk or chocolate anything.

My dad is wise. He has a deep love for the gospel and is active in our church. He served a mission for our church for two years! He is a great teacher at home. He teaches us about everything from how to have a goodtime….to helping us with school. He shows us how to treat others. He is always ready to do anything for his family if they call and need him. Just a few weeks ago my grandma needed some help and we all drove down there to help her! My dad puts his family first no matter what he has planned.

He cooks and cleans. He watches movies and played dolls with me when I was little. He is always ready to make everything we do fun and enjoyable.
Once he took me to the dump for the first time, as we were driving he told me “I’ll watch your head for spiders and you watch mine.” He had just finished his sentence when I started backing up and said, “Dad there’s a spider above your head.” He totally thought I was joking… until he looked up and saw the multi-colored eight legged creature above his head. His reaction was priceless. I’ll never forget that! And now, I love going to the dump with him. After all, he does need someone to watch his head!

I’ve never seen my dad cry and I don’t think I ever will. He broke his foot and walked in the house and sat down. All he said was that he needed an ice pack because he thought his foot was broken. I told him to get a pink cast because real men wear pink. Unfortunately, he got blue. He didn’t let that stop us from going to the beach that year. Of course, I was the one that packed up the car because he couldn’t carry anything. I was so happy to help him out. What I liked even better though is he couldn’t have done it without my help. One day we were at the store and they asked if we needed help out, and I said “Nope, I’ve got it.” For some reason that filled me with joy!

He helps with school all the time! Last year, I did a project on Leatherback Turtles. He had this idea to help me make a papier-mâché model. The night before the project was due I had glued it down, but when my dad went to move it from the table, it slid off. He took the time to fix it for me and then I got a 105%! It felt nice to know he was there to help me, no matter what happened.

My dad will do anything he can for anybody. Just a few weeks ago, he had to set up a broadcast for a bunch of youth to watch. He had been limping all day. I knew how to set up, so when he said he could handle it, I got dressed so quick, he couldn’t say no! I set up for him that night. It was fun to do something for him!

When I’m sick, he’s ready to go and get anything I need. My dad comes to anything from dance performances, to school plays. He’s there no matter what time it is. Once, he took off work to come and see me dance at my talent show. He didn’t need to, but he did!

I’m glad he’s my dad! My dad is my hero and no matter what he does that’s what he’ll always be to me. He’ll deny that he’s anything special… but he’s my dad and that’s enough for me! Life would never be the same without my dad. I love my dad!